Massage is an ancient healing practice with many benefits. To start with you’ll gain improved blood circulation, thus increasing the distribution of oxygen to muscles organs and tissues so that they are nourished more effectively. In turn this will lead to improved joint flexibility and neck and reduced shoulder tension.

Massage also stimulates the body’s own healing processes by improving the immune system. Massage accelerates the removal of waste products and toxins from the body, helping you to a healthier life and improving your immune system.

By calming the nervous system it will help with sleeping disorders. It helps to release blocked energy thereby bringing balance and harmony to mind, body and spirit. It promotes feeling of deep relaxation, which can aid in the recovery from stress related illnesses.

Massage will improve your flexibility due to the relief of tension leading you to feel more vital and energetic. It relieves muscular and nervous tension thus promoting feelings of wellbeing. Massage is wonderful for balancing our stressed lives, especially here in London. It works physiologically and psychologically, the great comfort and sense of wellbeing you will receive is priceless.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep pressure is used to release deep seated tension. It will release knots, aches and pains. It is very good for people who exercise or who are suffering from regular back, neck and shoulder pain. I also recommend it for runners and marathon training.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage has a relaxing yet still firm flow to it. Good for people with minor tension and people who suffer from stress and sleeping problems.

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